The NC Hospital Performance Report

The North Carolina Center for Hospital Quality and Patient Safety (NC Quality Center) has aligned its efforts to be consistent with a national initiative called the Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA). HQA is a national public-private collaboration to encourage hospitals to voluntarily collect and report hospital quality performance information. Hospitals across the country have been providing information through the HQA initiative since October 2003.

Quality Process Measures

Quality of hospital care can take on many meanings. It may mean that there was a successful outcome (e.g., a patient survived a heart attack or was cured of pneumonia) or it may mean that a patient was satisfied with their stay in the hospital and that they thought they were treated well. Process measures are another way to measure quality of care. A process measure determines if a patient was given a needed medicine, treatment, or diagnostic test at the right time. Through extensive research, national guidelines have been established for the recommended care of patients with various medical conditions. Common medical conditions that have been broadly studied are heart attacks, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care. It is very common for adults to be in the hospital to receive treatment for one of these reasons. Getting the recommended care means you are more likely to have better outcomes.

Patient Safety

National Patient Safety Goals

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