When it comes to fighting breast cancer, early detection is the best defense.

Granville Health System's Imaging Department offers comprehensive breast imaging and related testing to help physicians find and treat breast cancer at its earliest stage. Centers for Medicaid/Medicare Services and most major insurance companies recommend women should begin receiving annual screening mammograms at the age of 40.

Digital Mammography

Digital Mammography uses an updated technology that provides a more comfortable experience for the patient. The improved images produced with digital mammography are enhanced for easier detection of abnormalities, leading to earlier diagnoses.

3D Mammography

Any woman who needs breast screening should consider 3D mammography. 3D mammography is an FDA-approved advanced technology that takes multiple images of breast tissue. Traditional mammography obtains just a single image. The multiple images obtained with a 3D mammogram give doctors a clearer image of breast masses. It makes it easier to detect breast cancer early and it helps us see the cancer size much better than we could on a regular mammogram.

Screening and diagnostic mammography as well as 3D mammography are conveniently available at Granville Health System's Imaging Department. 

To schedule your mammogram, call (919) 690- 3420 or request an appointment using the form below.

We can obtain an order from your doctor if contact information is provided.      

Gayle Glass, breast cancer survivor
breast cancer butterfly
Alison Wilson, breast cancer survivor

"I’m passionate about taking care of my mammography patients because my own breast cancer was found on a routine mammogram. I was not a high-risk patient, I had no family history of breast cancer. What they found was an aggressive cancer, but totally curable at stage one. I’m very lucky."

- Gayle Glass, BSRT(R)(M)(BD) 
An employee of the Granville Health System Imaging Department since 2005

"Never did I think that at age 43 I would be diagnosed with this dreaded disease. I didn't find a lump, bump or anything out of the ordinary. My surgeon told me I was a poster child for why women should have yearly mammograms. I encourage all women to schedule annual  breast screenings. Early detection saves lives!"

- Alison Wilson
An employee of the Granville Health System Human Resources Department since 2017

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