Maternity and OB/GYN Services

Maternity OB

Nothing compares with the excitement and expectation of a new baby. After months of waiting for your baby to be born, the day finally arrives. We at Granville Medical Center recognize and support family-centered care and would like to be a part of your birthing experience.

When you and your support person arrive at the hospital, you will be taken to the Birthing Center on the second floor. You will be greeted by one of our friendly staff and taken to one of the Labor & Delivery suites. You will be oriented to the room and placed on a fetal monitor so we can assess the baby and monitor your progress throughout labor.

Our facilities provide large private birthing suites with modern up-to-date equipment and a highly skilled labor and delivery staff. The majority of our staff has more than 10 years of experience in maternity and women’s health care. Working together as a team, nurses and physicians are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care to women of all ages.

Mothers-to-be feel right at home in our Birthing Center. Upon your arrival, you will be escorted to your private suite. Each room is equipped with the newest technology for both mom and baby. The unit is staffed with Neonatal Advanced Life Support nurses.

OB Outpatient Services

We offer many OB services on an outpatient basis, including NST, CST, BPP, IV hydration and preterm labor evaluation.

NST- Nonstress Test: application of an electronic fetal monitor to the mother’s abdomen for the purpose of evaluating the fetal (baby’s) heart rate pattern with a specific number of accelerations within a specified period of time. This test can last up to 40 minutes. The NST is noninvasive and relatively easy to perform. The test can be reactive or non-reactive.

CST- Contraction Stress Test: The CST can be done manually or through IV therapy with the use of oxytocin. The mother is placed on a fetal monitoring for the purpose of evaluating the fetal (baby’s) heart rate during a contraction. The test will last until 3 contractions occur within a 10-minute period.

BPP – Biophysical Profile: The BBP involves evaluating the baby with the use of both fetal monitoring and ultrasound. The BPP looks at several separate criteria: the presence or absence of a reactive NST, the presence or absence of fetal breathing movements, the presence or absence of fetal movement and visualization of fetal tone as evidenced by flexion and extension, and the measurement of amniotic fluid volume. The highest score is 10.

GYN Services

A woman’s health needs change throughout her life. At Granville Medical Center, we are dedicated to providing a lifetime of care. We offer private rooms for gynecological surgical patients. Please contact the Director of our Birthing Center at 690-3329 or by e-mail: Director L&D

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