Granville Medical Sports Medicine Program

The Granville Medical Sports Medicine program was developed as a collaborative effort between Granville County Public Schools and Granville Health System. The purpose of this collaboration is to ensure that the student athletes of Granville County have consistent access to Athletic trainers and sports medicine first responders for all sanctioned athletic events throughout the school year.

The program is designed around three Granville Health System athletic trainers who work full-time during the school year at their assigned Granville County high school providing onsite medical intervention at practices and games. The Athletic Trainers are further supported by trained volunteers from around the county and within Granville Health System to form the program’s Sports Medicine First Responders. The Athletic Trainers are all National Board certified and licensed by the NC Board of Athletic Trainer Examiners.

The partnership between the school system and health system is unique to this area and highlights the dedication that Granville Health System has to the people of Granville County to ensure the safety of their student athletes through uniform medical oversight during sporting events.

Meet the Trainers

Nathan Ameen,

Monica Boyer,

Claudia Kostich,

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